The Girl Named Bex
She's kind of crazy and can be found reading hot slash or het fics. Queer as Folk and Harry Potter pretty much take over her life and she's sort of insane about it. She's the one with the co-ordinated clothes, with belts, jewellery and skinny jeans being a big part of her wardrobe. She's also beautiful, sexy and extremely modest.

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Skinny jeans, glitter, eyeliner, mascara, belts, moisturiser, pens, pretty things, posters, jewellery, necklaces, sandals, wedges, t-shirts, ruby-red lipstick, crisps, chocolate, Apple Sourz, hats, cowboys, Queer as Folk, Harry Potter, Sirius Black, pillows, blankets, comfy things, pyjamas, pirates, bandannas, sleep, headbands, dressy tops, shorts, boots, books, tv, the OC, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Shameless, photos, digital cameras, mobile phones, sleep, love, beautiful things, pretty boys, gay love, Brian/Justin, Harry/Draco, Sirius/Remus, Sirius/James, sex, magic, sweeties.

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Okay this is meeeeee!! I am alive or so I think. My heart is still beating anyway.

I'm hungover *still* from last night so this will be brief.

- I miss you all.
- Sex on the beach gives you a headache.
- Shopping heals all.
- Don't buy Choos when drunk. Especially when you buy them two sizes too big and can't take them back.
- TGI Friday's is sex.

To the RPGs that I'm in. I'm sorry.

- Internet is limited.
- AIM only at the moment as I have forgotten my pass to YIM.
- Email if you're interested in doing a scene. I'm sure I can arrange something.

To Faith (when she gets her arse online)

- I love you.
- I miss you.
- Pictures of Fede or else.
- Text me... I'm convinced you've been swimming in the lake and forgotten about me. (unlikely I know!)

This post is public. Therefore comments will be. YAY! Um, it's basically so RPG members and the like can comment.

To my F-LIST.

Comment and tell me how you are. I'm dying of boredom out here at the moment. I also have no internet basically. And NO Josh or Toby. Poo. If there is anything I must see, then ffs comment and tell me.

Lots of love, Bex
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Flist Cut.

Call it delayed spring-cleaning but I did yet another Flist/Community cut.

If you've been taken off my Flist, it's probably for one of the following reasons.

- I don't feel like I have anything in common with you.
- I've moved out of your fandom.
- You never comment on my journal.
- I never read your journal.

If I've left your community, it's probably for one of the following reasons.

- I am no longer interested in the fandom.
- The pairing is no longer one that I enjoy reading.
- I don't need 100 icon communities clogging up my Flist.
- I've kept the main community which everyone posts to and yours hasn't made the cut.
- I no longer participate in icon challenges.

Comments are welcome but they are screened. If you think I made a mistake in cutting you then please go ahead and say so but no abuse because I don't particularly want to hear it. Please delete me back if I say "no" because I really will mean no.

Feeling: cold cold

F-List cut.

F-List cut

If you have been cut from my flist, it's nothing personal -- I just like to know who's reading my entries and who's not. If I've cut you, it's probably because I still feel like I know nothing about you or we've drifted too far apart from when we first met. Like I said -- Nothing personal, it happens.

Please don't spam my FO post or this post asking "Why?!" or "Re-add me!" because I've made my mind up (although with me, you never know how long it will last) and I don't want/need to be harrassed.

Love Bex <3
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Ficlet: Power - BL (1/1) *R*

Title: Power
Author: Bex / jaxindi
Disclaimer: JKR owns it all. And she wouldn't defile her characters in this way -- Or so I feel.
Rating: R
Pairing: Bellatrix/OC
Warnings: Blood play, Death, Sex, Darkfic.
Summary: Bellatrix knows exactly what she wants.
A/N: This is for violet_quill's Voices and Vaginas of HP Women Challenge. It's pretty crap as I did it in 20 minutes and there will probably be some typos but all feedback would be greatly appreciated. I hardly ever write first-person and I can write the number of dark-fics I have written on one hand but I wanted to do something difficult. And this was most definitely different. So please comment and leave me some feedback.

PowerCollapse )

Leave some feedback?
Love Bex x
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Brand *spanking*-new journal

Friends Only.

Alright, this is Bex's new LJ. I wanted to change my journal to Friends Only and this seemed to be the easiest way to go about it.

I have a few mini-rules for being added onto my Friends list :) Nothing big, just simple little rules which I guess show a bit more about me.


The Mini-RulesCollapse )


Hugs, kisses, snogs, gropes and so much more,
<3 Bex
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